Temporary Noise Control Solutions

Echo Barrier Sound Barrier Solution

Canadian Pump Solutions Rentals Echo Barrier

Canadian Pump Solutions Rentals Echo Barrier

Canadian Pump Solutions offers the Industry’s First Reusable, Indoor & Outdoor Sound Barrier / Sound Attenuation Product;

  • Superior attenuation performance in acoustic reduction
  • Proven durability
  • Fire retardant
  • Ease of installation
  • Easy Lightweight design for installation and deployment
  • Minimal crew size or installation
  • No after installation maintenance
  • Compact storage and ease of transportation
  • Reduces noise on any pumping situation or equipment operations
  • Custom logo or branding
  • Custom messaging 
  • Weatherproof and waterproof

Canadian Pump Solutions Sound Barrier Product Information upon request

Look for proactive ways to minimize noise and neighbouring complaints of construction site noise by adding to existing construction site fencing and achieve privacy screening and noise control. Construction activity is a fact of life and an important one. Whether your site is a sewer bypass, site dewatering or simply requires 24-hour power generation the facts are that pumping, and power generation equipment will be present. 

While some water management and construction sites are in remote locations where noise control may not be required, many other construction sites in cities, or environmentally sensitive sites where sound and light control is required the Echo Barrier product is ideal for these locations. So now Canadian Pump Solutions brings a cost-effective sound barrier and noise control product to the Canadian marketplace.

In short, Echo Barrier temporary fencing is a portable, easy to install, durable, reusable, outdoor sound barrier that can be deployed as a noise barrier fence, with flexibility of design to fit on all types of temporary fencing.


Whether its a rental or a purchase call Canadian Pump Solutions today to find the best solution.