Who is Canadian Pump Solutions?

CPS roots and heritage

CPS roots and heritage

While Canadian Pump Solutions (CPS) might appear to be a new name in the Western Canadian and British Columbia pumping industry, their roots were established many years before by Cliff and Lane Miller a father and son duo who saw a need for a quality focused Canadian owned and operated pump solutions business.

Equipment rentals and service has run in the Miller family for years with Cliff building and establishing an energy and industrial services company initially based out of Leduc, Alberta. Cliff’s vision guided this business through many ups and downs that the Canadian market place has endured over the past 30 years. Cliff’s resume has him working in Alberta, Saskatchewan and British Columbia both in the equipment supply and the rental market. After selling his business, Cliff wasn’t content to just ride off into the sunset - with the help of his son, Lane Miller, the two of them started up a rental company focused on pump rentals and repairs. For 8 years the two grew an extremely successful specialized pump rental business covering markets in Western Canada. With a dedication to customer service and support, Cliff and Lane were able to build strong relationships with customers over the past 8 years. But as they watched the industry change over the past couple years, they felt a reorganization and shift in the market was needed where rentals simply were not cutting it for customers. Customers want trained people and better equipment reliability with new solutions for their upcoming projects. Cliff and Lane are pleased to report that all the previous relationships they have built have transitioned to Canadian Pump Solutions as they rebrand.

So - Simply put Canadian Pump Solutions is a locally owned and operated water pump solutions company with years of established history, now offering innovative solutions to the water pumping equipment market; not just focusing on equipment rentals. It's a simple goal - to offer personalized service to customers in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia and an overall Western Canadian marketplace first. This market space is begging for improved equipment reliability coupled with proper pump sizing and selection, ultimately leading to less customer frustration and improved earnings for all stakeholders. Not everyone has the nerve to reorganize a business in cyclic times and implement a “built it” versus “buy it” strategy that focuses on all stakeholders, but these two experienced pioneers are taking the challenge head on.

Lane and Cliff understand that a business is not only the name, and that the strength of the team behind Canadian Pump Solutions has led to their success. It also doesn’t hurt when you have the support of Vancouver based industry leading friends specializing in water management and have a fleet of Selwood standard and high head pumps. Canadian Pump Solution’s inventory includes Diesel driven, electric driven and the customer preferred Selwood Super Silent series.

Recently Lane has opened a new facility in Edmonton, AB and Langley, BC and has new locations opening in Saskatchewan and Winnipeg, MB in 2019. Matt Hickey recently joined Canadian Pump Solutions covering sales in the west and Cliff has set up in his new location based in the Victoria, BC area to serve Vancouver Island’s growing demand for local sales and service.