CPS S200 pump the solution

Canadian Pumps Solutions Silent Sewer Bypass Pumps

Canadian Pumps Solutions Silent Sewer Bypass Pumps

Sewer Bypass and Sound Attenuation

The S200 pumps was deployed as the solution on a tough sewer bypass project where other pumps were continually plugging off. The Vortex impeller design of the Selwood S200 was the ultimate solution to a sewer bypass and storm sewer application where single use plastics where present and constantly plugging off other open impeller units. Canadian Pumps solutions was contacted to provide a solution and as  a result of Canadian Pump Solutions having available stock of vortex impeller pumps the solution was obvious. As well, once again  Echo Barrier was the best option to achieve the required sound reduction on this sewer bypass.

The Echo Barrier product is always available through CANADIAN PUMP SOLUTIONS to the market as an option for low sound, privacy fencing and light control CANADIAN PUMP SOLUTIONS has also been very successful in urban settings achieving the mandated lower decibel requirements using Selwood super silent pumps.

With the in-house ability to professionally engineer sound reduction solutions and integrate this sound attenuation into our sewer bypass projects. CANADIAN PUMP SOLUTIONS can immediately serve contractors, service companies and municipalities on planned upgrades or emergency response to repair existing sanitary system lines. 

When the decision is made to perform sewer rehabilitation, it is typically to replace aging or insufficient pipelines. The solutions require that the waste products be diverted, and a temporary system is put in place. CANADIAN PUMP SOLUTIONS designers accomplish this by deploying sound attenuated pumps to temporarily bypass piping and valves upstream from the sewer pipes that will be replaced and then to re-enter the sanitation system downstream of where the work is being performed. The size of the system is calculated based on peak flow which varies depending on the number of homes and businesses along the section of a line. The amount of waste material moved can exceed thousands of liters per minute!

CANADIAN PUMP SOLUTIONS designers have years of systems design and experience, which is needed when properly sizing the pumps. Since the amount of waste material required to be bypassed varies from time to time throughout the day, the temporary system must accommodate this changing flow. Typically, the peak is calculated using flow meters, and peak flow is usually early in the morning and again in the evening when residents return home. This design calculation of peaks is crucial to the project success. If the flow is not calculated correctly and the system is undersized, the pumps or piping may not be able to keep up and sewage spill may be the result, which leads to many problems for everyone.

Sound calculations are only a part of the overall operational considerations that CANADIAN PUMP SOLUTIONS designers review.