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Canadian Pumps Solutions Silent Sewer Bypass Pumps

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Canadian Pump Solutions provides a wide variety of pump rental and support equipment used in support of essential services to both Industrial applications and municipal.

When contractors are supporting essential municipalities planning for upgrading existing sanitary system lines all designs consider that incoming flow must be managed while working on rehabilitating the existing sewer system, so CPS pump rentals support the diversion plans. Canadian Pump Solutions always recommends that a Professional Engineer develop the sewer bypass design and have it reviewed by a Professional engineer. Every situation is different a good plan is essential to success to meat the challenges of these projects.

Canadian Pump Solutions Pumps rentals are an essential part of the equations when the decision is made to perform sewer rehabilitation. Sewer Bypass pumps are designed to handle the waste products that must be diverted, and our CPS equipment become a part of the temporary system needed. Canadian Pump Solutions work with designers early in the bid stage to accomplish a plan of deploying properly sized pumps and temporary bypass piping / valves upstream from the sewer pipes that will be replaced and re-enter the sanitary system downstream of where the work. Professional Engineers know how to properly select and size the system which is calculated based on peak flow. Flows vary depending on the number of homes and businesses along this section of a line.

Canadian Pump Solutions work with designers and consider

CPS designers have years of system design and experience to support the sizing of the line which is a critical step, since the amount of waste material required to be bypassed varies from time to time throughout the day the temporary system must accommodate this changing flow. The peak is calculated using specialized meters and provides valuable system design. The design calculation of peaks is crucial to the project success. If the flow is not calculated correctly and the system is undersized the pumps or piping may not be able to keep up and a spill may be the result. Canadian Pump Solutions designer and installation crews consider project specific situations such as the depth of the sewer system or distance of bypass, this quite often determines the size and type of pump(s) and ancillary valves, pipe and other equipment needed

Flow calculations are only a part of the overall operational considerations that Canadian Pump Solutions designer review, we also work with the system operators and contractors to safely deploy and meet:

  • Municipal noise ordinances?
  • Road access, CPS offer rental road crossing to accommodate traffic pattern and flow.
  • Equipment placement - Is signage and traffic control required,
  • Environmentally sensitive areas may require seamless piping systems such as HDPE piping to be assembled reducing possibility of leaks.
  • 24-hour system monitoring by skilled technicians is also available

Canadian Pump Solutions rental packages are supplied to support contractors in the markets today who serve the sewer bypass market whether the project is an open cut or a trench-less lining technology rehabilitation installation by right sizing the pumps and piping.