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Canadian Pumps Solutions non clogging sewer bypass Pumps

Canadian Pumps Solutions non clogging sewer bypass Pumps

Clogging: It's a serious issue in the waste water pumping industry that Canadian Pump Solutions has the answer, Selwood Vortex Impeller S series pumps, the only true vortex design. Sold and Serviced by Canadian Pumps Solutions.


Sewer Bypass and Clogging is a real problem and not the key to project success.

When asked about the problem of sewer bypass and clogging, Lane Miller, General Manager of Canadian Pump Solutions, replied "Sewer bypass and Clogging is an issue is what our clients tell us of previous projects they have been on, but to be completely honest, it's something that I have never had to experience".

"The reason being is because for my entire career in the pump rental industry I have used and maintained Selwood Ltd pumps which feature a Vortex, clog-free Impeller in their Solids Handling "S" series pump. Clog free was definitely something I took for granted. So when Canadian Pump Solutions was contacted by a company performing a sewer bypass operation here in the Edmonton area that was having huge clogging issues with their pumps, we were confident in being able to provide them with a solution. Their clogging issues were so bad that they would have to shut down their primary pump twice a day just to remove the debris that was accumulating in the pumps intake. Our solution was lets swap out the pumps they were using with our Canadian Pump Solutions Selwood S200 pumps and after 6 months of operation the bypass is still ongoing today, without one single clog! We couldn't ask for a better success story".

With overall cost and project success in mind and Canadian Pump Solutions stands firmly behind its belief that the Selwood S Series with the added benefit of its super silent operation is the best pump in the sewer bypass marketplace.

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