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Canadian Pump Solution Silent Pumps / Water Pump Rentals

Canadian Pump Solution Silent Pumps / Water Pump Rentals

Loading super silent pumps for a British Columbia based sewer bypass project, In this case the customer mandated the use of the Super Silent pumping package from Canadian Pump Solutions. With the Canadian Pump Solutions team advanced knowledge of sewer bypass designs and the additional support of the Super Silent fluid handling pumps, the only pumps being able to prove and provide technical backup that the pumping package can achieve the lower decibel requirements of this sensitive area, the decision to rent from Canadian Pump Solutions was easy.

Canadian Pump Solutions technical support team and system designers have years of systems relevant design and fluid handling experience, which is key to the proper sizing of the lines and pumps. The amount of fluids being transferred, and waste material required to be bypassed varies from time to time throughout the day, the sewer bypass system must be properly designed to consider this changing flow. Typically, the peak is calculated using flow meters, and peak flow is as expected the morning and again in the evening when residents return home. This design calculation of peaks is crucial to the project success. If the flow is not calculated correctly and the system is undersized, the pumps or piping may not be able to keep up and the outcome may result in a spill.

Canadian Pump Solutions technical design team considers all the project specific situations such as the sound impact to nearby residents and business, depth of the sewer system or distance of bypass, as this quite often determines the size and type of pump(s) and ancillary valves, pipe, and location of other equipment such as road crossings.

Bypass flow calculations are only a part of the overall operational considerations that Canadian Pump Solutions designers review:

Are there municipal noise ordinances?

Road access - Canadian Pump Solutions offers engineered road crossing to accommodate traffic flow and does offer 24-hour system monitoring by specially trained technicians in system setup and operation.

In today's market, a sewer system upgrade project may be an open cut replacement or a trenchless lining technology rehabilitation, but the one thing that won’t change with any rehabilitation is the need for a properly designed bypass system that incorporates the proper pumps, piping, and support equipment. 

Learn more about how Canadian Pump Solutions' complete sewage bypass services and equipment can be perfectly adapted to your project or contact us for a sewer bypass service quote.