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Canadian Pumps Solutions Silent Fluid Pumps

Canadian Pumps Solutions Silent Fluid Pumps

Canadian Pump Solution offers a full range of pumps, and water transfer equipment. At CPS we design and deliver customized rental equipment solutions to improve our customers' safety, sustainability and profitability. Our water transfer and fluid solutions rental fleet include temporary pump solutions ranging in size from large industrial pumps to small, portable pumps, specializing in the Selwood vortex pumps and super silent sound attenuated pumps. CPS has a specialized fluid management team of technicians ready to deliver responsive, safe and exceptional service wide range of industries on jobs of any size or scope.

Water Transfer and Fluid Transfer Solutions

Canadian Pump Solution team of pump experts is dedicated to delivering a best in class service and solutions for any industrial water pumping projects. CPS reviews all aspects of the water pump project to find efficiencies and tweak the water pump solution to each project, because at CPS we understand that one size does not fit all. Canadian Pumping Solutions include silent pumps, electric centrifugal pumps, diesel pumps, high pressure water pumps, hydraulic pumps, and portable sump pumps. As well, Canadian Pump Solutions offers a full fleet of rental pumps, hoses and pump accessories.

Water Pump and Related Equipment

Canadian Pump Solution design team design the solution to fit our client’s construction needs on wastewater infrastructure projects based on application needs. The team understands the each project is unique with variables, our Selwood Vortex pumps are rated as one of the best for sewer bypass municipal setups with the added benefit of being sound attenuated and the quietest pump for urban rental clients, This is why Canadian Pump Solutions Super Silent pumps are the best fit for your regional wastewater project requirements.

Upstream Oil & Gas Pump Equipment

From water transfer to horizontal drilling and fracking in oil and gas drilling sites, Canadian Pump Solution has the fluid transfer pumps and fluid management rentals available. Supported by our fleet and our team of trained experts, CPS has the solution for your project, from high head, long distance transfer, skidded or trailer-mounted pump rentals, High chrome slurry pumps, road crossings, pipe and other fluid transfer support equipment.

Industrial and Commercial Pump Applications

Contact Canadian Pump Solutions at the bid phase of your project and get the competitive advantage from the beginning, from the planning process to equipment setup and operation, Canadian Pump Solution specializes in custom pump design and solutions with pump rental solutions to support all forms of industrial, municipal and commercial fluid handling pump applications. CPS can supply silent vortex pumps, super silent sound attenuated pumps, electric pumps, specialty wellpoint dewatering pumps, diesel trailer mounted or skidded portable pumps, and water transfer pumps specifically designed to access confined or remote projects.

Fire suppression or Flood Mitigation Pump Equipment

The Canadian Pump Solution team are available to support and deploy emergency solutions for unplanned water or fire events. CPS skidded or trailer mounted diesel pumps or high head pressure, high-flow water pumps are only a part of the solutions our CPS team of experts can offer to ensure the fast, safe deployment for the removal of damaging flood water or support fire fighting efforts.

Locations and Support

With multiple pump rental locations across western Canada, Canadian Pump Solutions have a large fleet of water pumps, silent pumps and fluid transfer management support equipment nearby. The strategic placement of our equipment allows us to mobilize water pumping rentals to remote areas of western Canada and remote project locations that large rental companies ignore. Canadian Pumps Solutions are known as the silent pumping guys not because you’ve never heard of us but because you never hear our silent pumps in operation, so why not keep all project stakeholders happy during your water pumping project both rural and urban fluid transfer and bypass projects.

Canadian Pump Solution can be trusted to deliver the correct water and fluid pumping solution right first time and always be available for 24/7 service and support. For more information, to reserve equipment or chat with one of our experts, give us a call at 1-855-210-4848 or visit us at