Canadian Pumps Solutions looks to the east

Canadian Pumps Solutions E series Centrifugal pumps

Canadian Pumps Solutions E series Centrifugal pumps

Following recent sales calls and trade shows significant interest was shown in a Canadian built solution and support in the water pump packaging space and support in Canada of parts and service. A week of "Ahead of the Curve" water pumping training sessions has clients gaining a better understanding of the water pumping, water transfer and water system designs. 

Canadian Pumps Solutions have been busy in Central and Eastern Canada which is driving this interest and management is looking for new locations in Central Canada based on the requests and interest on new water pump opportunities. In addition to shipping into the Port of Vancouver to support the two new BC branches, CPS has also looked into logistics of shipping product into Thunder Bay and the port of Montreal. This decision will meet the requests of clients to better serve these areas of Central and Eastern Canada.

With products such as "Echo Barrier" and the "Selwood" pump product lines in conjunction with industry leading deliveries of quality water pump packages, super silent criteria and competitive pricing, the reaction has been promising to say the least. Exciting new opportunities in central Canada and eastern Canada have the estimating team and designers working hard to get quotes for pump products delivering Spring and Summer of 2020. Many of these clients are dealing with high water flooding situations as well as infrastructure upgrades in aging municipal systems requiring sewer bypass projects in many Major Canadian cities. Canadian Pump Solutions products are among the most reliable, lowest operating maintenance and best fluid handling pumps on the market, with 200 years of relevant support and experience there is not any water pumping or fluid handling solution we cannot help with.

Canadian Pump Solutions is key supplier of reliable sewer bypass pump rentals and the related accessories required such as Victaulic connections, steel pipe, or aluminum pipe, transfer hose or HDPE, valves and road crossings. Sewer bypass pump is used for pumping wastewater during sewer line repairs. A trouble-free temporary pump installation is paramount during bypass projects and why many clients have chosen the Canadian Pump Solutions silent pump fleet first. An additional benefit is the new sound attenuated pumps in Canada using the super silent series to meet and exceed the maximum decibel reading in many jurisdictions, which has all sizes of water pumps ranging from 4”, 6”, 8” and 12 “being considered for the variety of situations and locations in Canadian cities who require fluid pumping and water transfer pumping solutions.

As well the Canadian Pump Solutions new fleet to our E series of VFD electric drive fluid handling pumps and water transfer pumps that are available from current stock and ready to ship from our Canadian manufacturing facility.

Contact us and learn more about the new service locations opening across Canada soon to serve the growing demand for Canadian Pump Solutions products in region. 

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