Canadian Pumps Road Crossings

Canadian Pumps Solutions Rentals Pumps and Road Crossings

Canadian Pumps Solutions Rentals Pumps and Road Crossings

Canadian Pump Solutions Road Crossing Rentals

Canadian Pump Solutions provides a wide variety of essential rental products and services to Industrial and municipal markets.

When construction sites plan on upgrading existing facilities or add new underground services excavation is inevitable and one thing to remember is other activities must operate unhindered to remain competitive. Over the years this situation has create a huge challenge for these projects and whether you have diversion or bypass activities being performed preventing road closures and disrupting nearby activities and access is paramount to overall project success.

When a project is to replace aging or insufficient pipelines, adding a road crossing allows community access and construction activities to continue. CANADIAN PUMP SOLUTIONS designers accomplish this by deploying road crossings in conjunction with water pumps and temporary bypass piping and valves. Regardless of the size of the bypass system an engineered road crossing allows all other activities to operate 24/7.

CANADIAN PUMP SOLUTIONS designers are trained to consider the entire solution:

  • Municipal noise ordinances and offer super silent pumps or Echo Barrier.
  • Continuous Road access, CANADIAN PUMP SOLUTIONS offer engineered road crossing to accommodate traffic flow.
  • 24-hour system monitoring by properly trained and skilled technicians
  • Equipment placement – Road crossing, signage and traffic controls,
  • Environmentally sensitive areas may require seamless piping systems such as HDPE piping to be assembled reducing possibility of leaks.

In the market, today a project may be an open cut replacement or a trench-less lining technology rehabilitation but the one thing that won’t changes with any rehabilitation is the need for a properly designed bypass system the incorporates the right equipment.

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