Canadian Pump Solutions Training

Canadian Pump Solutions  Ahead of the Curve

Canadian Pump Solutions Ahead of the Curve

"Get ahead of the Curve" - Canadian Pump Solutions offer industry a new!

Specific to reading pumps curves understanding pump selection, static and dynamic head pressure as well as friction loss. Have you ever had a vendor supply you with the wrong equipment or figure the solution is "add more pumps" well we are here to arm you with information. You will understand that all 8" pumps are not all the same, or that you can't make more fluid flow through a 10" hose than the hose is physically capable of. In times where margins are tight, skilled personnel is a premium and seasons may only allow certain activities to be performed right the first time then this educational awareness will assist you in your evaluation process to select the right vendor, equipment and simply put save costs in the overall project.

Some may say that you cannot make the same mistake twice since the second time you make it, its not a mistake its a choice. Let the team as CPS help prevent bad choices.