Sewer Bypass CPS Selwood Pumps

Canadian Pumps Solutions Vortex Impellers Sewer Bypass Pumps

Canadian Pumps Solutions Vortex Impellers Sewer Bypass Pumps

Canadian Pump Solutions (CPS) & Selwood Pumps

While some full contact solids handling pumps & impellers can clog with debris our Selwood series of water pumps with vortex impellers does not plug or clog since the impeller is not in contact with most of the materials to move it through the volute & pumping system. This unique Selwood Vortex Impeller makes these CPS Selwood S series pumps the best choice in fluid transfers & sewer bypass systems.

Evidence of this was recently experienced on a sewer bypass project where a slug of materials was picked up by the sewer bypass suction system & this stringy combination of plastics & fibres jammed solid the sewer bypass system pumps, shutting down both primary 400 HP sewer bypass pumps. While the real message is to not dispose of these products into our sanitary systems & that we all need be aware that some of these one-time use materials do not break down & that the proper disposal of them into their respective recycling centers is key to help reduce our cities overall infrastructure costs.

To ensure proper design, installation & success “proper equipment selection matters”. When it comes to proper pump selection & support equipment into your engineered sewer bypass systems proper training & knowledge is what Canadian Pump Solutions offers. Hope is not a strategy & having general knowledge of pumps alone is not enough. Experience in proper selection & systems setup with well maintained pumping equipment is a vital component of successful construction service. Book an “Ahead of the Curve” training program for you team toady by visiting our website