Canadian Pump Solutions Sewer Bypass Rental Pumps

Canadian Pump Solutions Sewer Bypass Pump Rentals

Canadian Pump Solutions Sewer Bypass Pump Rentals

Canadian Pump Solutions is Building Business by Providing Excellent Product & Service  

Canadian Pump Solutions is key supplier of reliable sewer bypass pump rentals and the related accessories required such as pipe, hose or HDPE and fittings.

Simply put a sewer bypass pump is used for pumping wastewater during sewer line repairs. A trouble-free temporary pump installation is paramount during bypass projects and why many clients have chosen the Canadian Pump Solutions pump fleet first. The best solution for such a job is a diesel driven dry prime pump from our Selwood S series.

Canadian Pump Solutions also introduces a new face to sound attenuated pumps in Canada with the addition of a super silent series to meet and exceed the maximum decibel reading in many jurisdictions. Canadian Pump Solutions has also added new fleet to our E series of electric drive pumps and trailer mounted pumps.

The picture above - On this project our client called Canadian Pumps Solutions to supply a sound attenuated primary pump solution to meet the low sound requirements in this urban setting. On the project the year prior in the same area, a different supplier had brought out their sound attenuated pumps, but they did not meet the low noise requirement in this sensitive environment and the hotel owner in the adjacent building was unable to rents rooms on the pumping side because of excessive noise. This year, NO problem meeting low sound decibel requirements using the Canadian Pump Solutions Super Silent pump and the hotel manager had no problem renting rooms throughout. Just one example of many satisfied clients.

We would be pleased to provide your project with our pumping solution.