Canadian Pump Solutions Safety Notice

Canadian Pumps Solutions Safety for water pumping appications

Canadian Pumps Solutions Safety for water pumping appications

Welcoming you to the future of safety at NCS Fluid Handling Systems, Greg Chretien.

The addition of Greg to the team supports our commitment to continuous improvement. Greg adds that strong passion for safety which enhances the team at NCS Fluid Handling Systems Inc. His keen eye to safety and his knowledge for quality of processes and procedures are needed to stay ahead of the curve.

As our businesses have matured the addition of a subject matter expert was required and the team realized it was time for safety at NCS Fluid Handling Systems and Canadian Pump Solutions to be led by a strong safety focused individual. 

Greg not only has a passion for safety, but his skillset is supported by many years of relative field experience and related knowledge which made him the logical candidate to lead the future of our safety culture.

Since joining the team 3 months ago, Greg has overseen all of our safety requirements and prioritized the key internal functions to continue to meet all COR safety requirements and gain full compliancy with government standards.

He is a thorough auditor and skilled at developing safety systems and manuals for companies of all sizes. As safety has become the cultural norm and valued in all industries, his diverse skillset and ability to recognize trends has allowed us to manage our team in order to reduce risk, improve quality of processes and achieve continuity across our entire safety system.