Canadian Pump Solutions Pump Rentals

Canadian Pumps Solutions Pump Rentals British Columbia

Canadian Pumps Solutions Pump Rentals British Columbia

Canadian Pump Solutions Pump Rentals are an essential service in time of emergency. Emergency Sewer Bypass or Seasonal Flooding make a reliable and a readily maintained fleet key part of successful response.  

WHY Canadian Pump Solutions Rentals and The Reliability of Selwood.

While some full contact solids handling pumps & impellers can clog with debris or need to provide the added expense of chopper blades to help overcome the solids handling restrictions their original pump design flaws have, our CPS Selwood “S” series of transfer pumps with vortex impellers do not plug or clog without adding more cost or maintenance items, its no secret that the non contact vortex impeller moves materials through the volute & pumping system right first time and every time. This unique Selwood Vortex Impeller still makes these CPS Selwood S series pumps the most cost effective and lowest maintenance pumps used in sanitary transfers & sewer bypass systems.

We don’t need to add more to make the Canadian Pump Solutions Selwood sewer bypass pumps work because they already work and the 70 years that Selwood has supports our historical claims of reliability.  

To ensure proper design, installation & success “proper equipment selection matters”. When it comes to proper pump selection & support equipment into your engineered sewer bypass systems proper training & knowledge is what Canadian Pump Solutions offers. Hope is not a strategy & having general knowledge of pumps alone is not enough. Experience in proper selection & systems setup with well maintained pumping equipment is a vital component of successful construction service. Book an “Ahead of the Curve” training program for you team toady by visiting our website