Canadian Pump Solutions and Selwood H80

Canadian Pumps Solutions Centrifugal Selwood Pump Sale and Service

Canadian Pumps Solutions Centrifugal Selwood Pump Sale and Service

Canadian Pumps Solutions is extremely pleased to ship the first two electric, silent water transfer pumps as part of a multi pump packaging order that will carry on throughout into the future. Using the high pressure Selwood H80 in combination with our electric motor and packaged skid design our client was about to meet the water pressure and flow rates in a silent pump package. Canadian Pump Solution manufacturing shop completed the new water transfer pumping packages and delivered the entire water transfer systems on time ensuring our client could meet their critical path schedule.

Canadian Pumps Solutions works close with local engineering and Selwood Pumps to provide best in class pumping pumps and solutions to a broad range of industry sectors across Canada and with new locations east and west opening soon Canadian Pump Solutions will be able to serve all parts of Canada with quality parts, service and manufactured pump packages, with industry leading deliveries. Canadian Pump Solutions supply water transfer and water pumping solutions to industry sectors such as construction, industrial, upstream and downstream energy, agriculture and municipalities. As a Canadian Business the entire team is proud to be "Made in Canada" and to continue to support Canadian businesses that are growing and expending the Canadian Energy Sector and Municipal infrastructure construction market with industrial water management services, including; river diversion, dewatering, hydrostatic testing (pipeline and tanks), sewer bypass, filtration and water treatment services.

Only twelve short months ago a entrepreneurial group of industry leaders got together with a simple vision of providing a quality product with reliable operation with a reliable delivery schedule to Canadian businesses that are demanding a competitive advantage considering total cost of operation and ownership. Proudly the team at Canadian Pump Solutions continue to meet this vision and respond with excellent service and delivery across Canada.