Canadian Pump Solution Sewer Bypass

Canadian Pumps Solutions Super Silent Sewer Bypass Pumps

Canadian Pumps Solutions Super Silent Sewer Bypass Pumps

Aging infrastructure and a growing population are placing a significant strain on sewer and public water systems in the Canada. When a sanitary sewer system or a water system experiences a failure or when a planned upgrade or maintenance is scheduled, a temporary sewer bypass can manage the system flows for as long as required, when properly sized and planned. This is not the to choose the wrong equipment or contractor, that’s where Canadian Pump Solutions comes in.

“Our Selwood (Super Silent) pumps are specifically designed with river bypass or sewer bypass in mind, we get called in to provide a complete equipment package and design to ensure the system maximizes effectiveness and considers total cost of ownership. This equipment includes pumps, hose, pipe and all necessary fittings as well as support equipment such as road crossings. We focus on what we do best and we believe that our clients are best served  by our partnerships with skilled operational experts that are trained in system engineering and operations, Canadian Pump Solutions partner across Canada with sewer bypass operating businesses to ensure customer satisfaction is met first.” said Lane Miller, General Manager at Canadian Pump Solutions. 

Across Canada the demand for sewer bypass systems is on the rise. In western Canada, Canadian Pump Solutions and partner companies for operations have served over 20 sewer bypasses recently and maintain 5 – 6 projects at any given time. While the age of infrastructure across Canada varies by region the impact of age of infrastructure or severe weather changes or residential demand to keep up with population growth a properly designed and installed sewer bypass is a critical component to a crucial city service. “Seldom are pipe breaks planned” says Miller “so having quality equipment such as the Selwood Super Silent Pump and related support, including trained labour is critical to minimizing impact and cost, that’s what Canadian Pump Solutions does best”.

When the Canadian Pump Solutions engineering design team gets the call “we initially request the three keys to system design, these are; the amount of fluid or flow, depth of line so the lift can be determined and the total distance with topography so friction loss and other reduction factors can be determined. We also look at traffic impacts for addition of road crossings and environmental requirements for items such as odor of sound control.” Miller explains. Why is this important? The amount of fluid or flow addresses the amount of fluid a system needs to bypass or transfer, typically this is liters per second or gallons per minute or may come as a daily average with peak periods identified, managing peaks is critical for long term success. The depth to the sewer line or depth of manhole is required so the total height of lift of how high the fluid must be pumped out of a sewer system. The total distance is required so the path of how far the fluid must travel can be considered which needs to consider bends, elevation changes and choke points, known as reduction factors. Miller says “Sewer bypasses are one of the few exceptions where garbage in and garbage out is a good thing” he also went on to add that “On four of our current bypass projects in major western Canadian cities sound attenuation has been required and Canadian Pumps Solutions has achieved this through the use of the Super Silent pumps, which have been measured against other silent packages and Selwood super silent pumps win hand down by achieving 37% decibel reduction on these projects”.

Also, Canadian Pump Solutions supplies Echo Barrier sound attenuation panels in area to achieve a site-specific sound reduction requirement as well as light mitigation and privacy fencing.”

Miller is quick to add, ”Like our name says we are a solution based company that believes in quality, safety and customer service and while the temporary sewer bypass pumps and technology have come a long way, nothing beats a team that brings the total package and knows how to design and operate properly any project”. “On two of our current projects both on Vancouver Island and Vancouver BC our team was dispatched from the shop to the site with a safe, first-time right solution supporting the owner and contractor like a partner in process the should. I’m proud that our team and operational partner understands that quality, safety and customers care come first”. After all they’re taxpayers too and a properly functioning sanitary or sewage system is essential to public health and safety that we all expect.

As these sanitary systems and infrastructure in Canada age and population rises, temporary sewer bypass installations will increase, a company such as Canadian Pumps Solutions cares about providing safe, fast, cost-efficient services in support of this demand, right the first time.