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Canadian Pumps Solutions Sound Attenuation

Canadian Pumps Solutions Sound Attenuation

Sound attenuation isn't just because the noise generated by equipment is annoying to the neighboring stakeholders, its also for the workers and operators in the area. 

As the Canadian Distributor for Echo Barrier Products in Western Canada (British Columbia, Yukon, NWT, Nunavut, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Alberta) and the Canadian distributor for Selwood pumps and the renowned Super Silent pumps Canadian Pump Solutions continue to consider our employees, our clients employees and the surrounding neighborhoods hearing protection and noise control or noise reduction.  

Well over 1000 Echo Barrier Sound Barriers have been deployed in Western Canada in neighborhoods and construction sites to minimize sound and control it, With the added benefits of light emissions  / control and potential reduction of debris leaving a project site, Canadian Pump Solutions Echo Barrier should be the first choice is sound control.

Whether your site is a sewer bypass, water transfer or pipeline project the benefits of Echo Barrier and Super Silent pumps that are supplied by the Canadian Pump Solutions team are the most advanced on the market. Canadian Pump Solutions technical support team and system designers have years of systems relevant design and fluid handling experience, which is key to the proper sizing of the lines,  pumps and sound attenuation on CPS project sites. Canadian Pump Solutions technical design team considers all the project specific situations such as the sound impact to nearby workers, residents and businesses in conjunction with location of other equipment such as generators or light plants.

Learn more about how Canadian Pump Solutions' complete line of sales, services and equipment that can be perfectly adapted to your project needs both rural and urban.

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